Our philosophy

At Regantio Viejo we are committed to making wines that reflect the place they come from, their terroir and the vineyard where they were grown. From pruning to harvest, through the subsequent harvest and aging, in both barrel and bottle, all our processes are governed by the cycles of nature, always looking for limited productions and low yield but of the highest quality.

All our wines come exclusively from our own vineyards. For this reason, for each vintage we produce exclusive, limited and numbered editions.

Regantio Viejo 2018

Made from a careful selection of Syrah, Tempranillo and Merlot. With Regantío Viejo Cosecha 2018 we aimed for a young and expressive wine, where the natural aromas of the grapes stand out, particularly their red fruits.

At first taste, it appears to be wine of medium intensity, with cherry red tones and violet edges. On the nose, it is elegant, with aromas of red fruits combined with spiced notes. On the palate its medium structure stands out, with rounded tannins and a very pleasant and pleasant aftertaste.

* Syrah 75% | Tempranillo 25% | Merlot 5%

Relicta 2018

The ultimate expression of Syrah, aged in French oak barrels. Relicta was born in the vineyard and its production requires meticulous adherence to a unique method throughout the production process. It begins with our work in the fields – observing the evolution of the strains – until aging in French oak barrels, each step pursues excellence, forming a complex wine replete with detailed nuances. Relicta is aged for a minimum of 8 months in the bottle, in order to assemble its distinct elements.

* Syrah 100%

Duo Vites 2019

The perfect marriage between Syrah and Merlot. A wine known for cherry red tones and violet edges, with the spiced fragrances of black fruit. On the palate, you will notice a very intense flavor with rounded tannins, culminating in a perfectly balanced wine.

A complex and fresh wine at the same time, the perfect symbiosis between two varieties whose strains are over fifteen years old.

Duo Vites is aged for a minimum of 8 months in the bottle, in order to assemble its distinct elements.

* Syrah 85% | Merlot 15%


A special wine, truly original, with a fierce spirit and unique flavor. From the variety of grapes used the Palomino, Riesling or Moscatel de Alejandría stand out. The grapes are the true protagonists of the wine, marking each vintage produced.

Limited, numbered and hand-sealed editions make this wine a true gem for lovers of unique wines. We use artisanal production techniques, fermenting at a very low temperature in the presence of its own lees, thus preserving its primary and secondary aromas.

Ignotus is aged for up to six months in French and American oak barrels.